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Saturday, October 30, 2004

James G. Craig Research

Welcome to the Craig Research Blog site. The purpose of this site is to share your thoughts and your research regarding the Craig family. While our focus is primarily surrounding the parents of James G. Craig and his siblings, we may expand on that as it may serve our purpose. You are invited to share your thoughts, ideas, frustrations (eek) and findings right here. This is a group effort of the descendents of James G. Craig's very extended family line. Enjoy!


Blogger Donna said...

Jean Landers Research:

1820 Humphreys County TN

Thomas Craig and wife (1776-1794)
Children: 4 boys (born bet 1811-1820)
1 boy (born 1805-1810)
1 girl (born 1811-1820)
2 girls (1805-1810)

Thomas Craig Sr (010001-00001)
Thomas and Wife - 45 years old or older
(b 1775 or earlier)
Child listed is 1 boy (born 1805-1810)

There are two James Craigs with families and a young widow, Jane Craig with children and the age of these adults: 26 to 44 so they would be born bet 1776-1794.

Also listed in this census is: William Clary (221302-3001)

1830 Bledsoe County TN

Daniel Stonecypher (0100001-01010001)
Daniel is age 50/59, his wife 50/59
Children listed with them:
1 boy age 10/14
1 girl age 5/9
1 boy age 15/19

Thomas Craig (3010001-100201)
Thomas is age 40-49, his wife Margaret age 30-39
Children listed with them:
3 boys under age 5
1 boy 10/14
1 girl under age 5
2 girls 15/19

October 30, 2004 at 1:46 PM  
Blogger Jody said...

I have looked and listened to a lot of theories of who the parents of John Craig are. I'm leaning towards a Stonesypher connection do to the fact that Samuel Stonesypher Craig is listed with that middle name on an early court record with Edward H. Craig wittnessing the transaction. I pasted the court document below. It lists the ASHER family who we also find in many Craig court records most in reference to the ASHER property, but a few in reference to the ASHER children who were being cared for by James G. CRAIG and wife America SPEARS/CRAIG until the death of James G. CRAIG.

My only problem with the Thomas Stonecypher as the father of our John is that I can't find any children named Thomas. Perhaps it is another Stonecypher that is the father? Does anyone have any comments on this theory? Since I have been at a dead end with John CRAIG for years now I like to entertain all theories. I have James Edward Craig's death certificate that lists fathers birth place as Georgia. Does anyone else have similiar information? I know Red Clay, TN is near the Georgia line. It lists mother unknown.

Samul Stonecypher CRAIG court record:
(March 15, 1849) Washington County, Arkansas Land Records Book F, page 627
Know all men by these presents that I John Sumner CLARY of the State of
Arkansas in the County of Washington in consideration of four hundred and
seventy five dollars to me paid by Samuel Stonecipher CRAIG of the State
of Arkansas in the County of Washington the receipt whereof is hereby
acknowledged do hereby give, grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said
Samuel S. CRAIG and heirs a certain tract or parcel of land situated in
the State and County aforesaid bounded and described as follows (to wit).
The south half of the north west quarter of section twenty two in township
sixteen north of range thirty two west containing eighty acres. Also the
west half of the south west quarter of section twenty two in township
sixteen north of range thirty two west containing eighty acres. Also a
fraction of the north east quarter of the south west quarter of section
twenty two township sixteen north of range thirty two west commencing at
the north east corner of an entry made by John S. CLARY containing eighty
acres and running east eighty poles to ASHER's corner then south eighteen
poles to a bluff then west with the bluff to a spring in the bank of the
creek at the mouth of the first hollow up the bluff then up the hollow
south, supposed to contain fifteen acres, with all the privileges and
appurtenances thereto belonging. To have and to hold the aforegranted
premises to the said Samuel S. CRAIG and his heirs in fee simple forever
and the said John S. CLARY for myself and my heirs, executors and
administrators do covenant with the said Samuel S. CRAIG and his heirs and
assigns that I am lawfully (seized?) in (fee?) of the aforegranted
premises, that they are free from all encumbrances, that I have a good
right to sell and convey the same to the said Samuel S. CRAIG as aforesaid
and that I will and my heirs and executioners and administrators shall
warrant and defend the same to the said Samuel S. CRAIG and his heirs and
assigns forever against the lawful claims and demands of all persons. And
for the consideration of aforesaid and for divers other good and valuable
considerations, I Sally CLARY wife of said John S. CLARY do hereby release
and quit claim unto the said Samuel S. CRAIG his heirs and assigns all my
right claim or possibility of dower in or out of the afore described
premises. In testimony whereof we the said John S. CLARY and Sally CLARY
have hereunto set our hands and seals this second day of February in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty.

Executed and delivered in the presence of Wm. REDMAN/Edward H. CRAIG (John
Sumner CLARY/Sally CLARY)

Jody Fisher Offen
from James Edward Craig line.

October 30, 2004 at 5:25 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

The John S.(Sumner) Clary was married to Sally/Sarah Ann Craig, sister to James G. Craig. Another of his sisters, Mary Nancy "Polly" Craig married Jefferson Clary.

October 31, 2004 at 10:34 AM  
Blogger John E. Clark, R.N. said...

Hi! Gosh Donna, what an amazing job you are doing! I'm picking up the Stonecipher name again recently, coming from various people and places. Interesting! I'll keep an eye on this- I recall way back, that I was researching and investigating the Margaret Stonecipher (Steinsieffer) and Thomas Craig (?) angle, and that it was decided that these were NOT the parents of our James G. Craig (Americas husband). Also, if it were true, where does my Jincey Jane Craig-Bales fit in, and why is she never mentioned? I hope it does not appear as me being 'difficult' here with this question- I just am getting a bit confused- heck, I just want to know what the true story is! And if I've been searching in the totally wrong direction all these years, trying to pin down John W. Craig and Modare Harlin-Craig, I sure would like to know! Well again, I am very impressed with all your work- please feel free to call me again anytime. And to the other folks who are posting her, THANKS!!! I'm hoping we are all entering a hopeful, happy Holiday Season... I shall be looking forward to continuing correspondence! John

November 13, 2004 at 11:32 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Hi everyone,
Donna, I wanted to add this to your site's message board but I'm having a problem getting bast blog patrol. Maybe you can pass it on or add it for me.

I just wanted to share some things about the history of the area and times so that it will help us with our search. I don't mean to offend anyone if you already know all this stuff. But sometimes it helps for finding records and things.

The first settlers entered the area in 1769 from NC and VA. They settled in the Watauga Valley and banded together as the Watauga Association in 1771. NC formally annexed TN in 1776 as Washington County. The battle of Kings, MT was in 1780. In 1784, NC ceded TN to the United States in order to secure federal protection for the area. When the federal government refused to acknowledge the cession, the people in TN organized the state of Franklin. This lasted four years 1784-1788 and BC regained control of the area in 1789. NC again ceded the area to the United States in 1789, which formed the Southwest Territory in 1790. Settlement of middle TN began with the founding of Nashville in 1779. In 1796, TN became a state. Early white settlers of TN were predominantly English, but there were many Scotch-Irish, Germans, and Irish as well as some French and Dutch. Most of the Americans came from SC, VA, & NC. Many of the Scotch-Irish came through the Shenandoah Valley (which would be coming down from PA along the valleys of VA and NC into TN). while Germans settled in several of the counties west of Chattanooga.

Settlement s started in 1733 by James Oglethorpe and 35 other families in Savannah. The next year Augusta was established. Settlers were from Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the Scottish Highlands, and Moravia. In 1740, GA was divided into two counties- Savannah, north of the Altamaha and Frederica County south of the Altamaha. Many of the Movavians who had come from NC moved to PA when their efforts to convert the Indians failed. In 1752 GA became a crown colony, claiming land between NC and FL and the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi. From 1758-1777 GA was divided into 12 parishes. In 1777 these parishes were formed into seven large counties. GA became a state in 1788. In 1789 the territory of Mississippi, which later became the states of Alabama and Mississippi, was created from the western half of GA. GA's present boundaries were set in 1802.
Many families were drawn to GA in the early 1800's by land lotteries. Families who had lived in the territory for at least one year were allowed to draw for land areas as large as 400 acres. These lotteries were held in 1803, 1806, 1819, 1827 and 1832.

North Carolina:
The first permanent settlement was started in 1653. NC was first differentiated from SC in 1691 but was still ruled by SC governors till 1711. From 1706 to 1725, towns near the coast were settled by Huguenot, German, and Swiss settlers. Between 1730 and 1770, with the heaviest influx around 1746, Scottish Highlanders came to NC. Large groups of Scotch-Irish left PA via the Shenandoah Valley to settle in VA. Many continued on to NC. They settled mostly in the western part of the state around present day Iredell County and numbered 20,000 in just a few years. By 1760, Germans in Forsyth and Guilford counties numbered 15,000. A colony of English speaking Quakers from VA, PA, and Nantucket settled in Rockingham, Guilford, and Chatham Counties.

By 1700, VA had 80,000 persons in the Tidewater area (that's the coastal areas of the state like present day Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and Norfolk). Between 1710 and 1740, passes were discovered across the Blue Ridge Mountains into the Shenandoah Valley. Emigrants from PA and New Jersey began to enter the Valley. As early as 1730, there was a heavy immigration of Scotch-Irish, Germans, and Welsh from PA into VA most of whom settled in the upper valleys. They were mostly Baptist, Presbyterian and Quaker. Methodist churches were established about 1800. By the middle 1700's VA had over 280,000 people.
Between 1750 and 1784, land grants made to the Ohio Company encouraged exploration beyond the Alleghenies. The new area, south of the Ohio River, was organized by VA in 1775 as the District of West Augusta, through much was ceded to PA in 1779. In 1770's the Wilderness Road across the Cumberland Gap opened up KY. KY County, which later became the state of KY was organized in 1776. In 1784, VA ceded its claims north of the Ohio River to the US. VA entered the Union in 1788.

I hope that some of these dates and things help without search for our John Craig's origins. I know sometimes it's hard to keep in mind what the states boundaries looked like back then. For example a person could have been born in VA in 1758 and never moved but suddenly found himself a resident of KY. Or a relative could have been listed as being in NC in 1775 then been listed as living in Washington County/TN in 1776 then as living in the state of Franklin in 1784-1788/89 then as living in TN and having never once moved.

Happy hunting!

December 4, 2004 at 10:47 AM  
Blogger wesley said...

i am looking for information on america spears rose she is my 3rd great-grandmother.f.a. sanders is my 2nd great grand father he married rado odam they had one child that i know sandford william sanders b: dec.11,1885 in clara,tx.and d:may 16 1948 in wichita fall.tx. i have follow my family tree back .james g. craig married american spears in 1838 . he died july 25 1860 in washington county,ark. they had 9 childern ellender craig b
;1839 in ark. married thomas fielding weldon march 21 in washington county, arkansas. their daughter frances weldon married thomas william roberts aug 09,1880 in palo pinto county, of their daughter was my grandmother ollie onellie roberts. she married arl lee moss dec.25 1925 in benton county, ark.lenell yvonne moss is my mother she married reed sanders jr.oct.17 1963 in stillwell ok.
thats where the sanders family came in i would like to know what indian nation america spears wasand if there is a roll number to that nation

April 15, 2005 at 11:39 AM  
Blogger wesley said...

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April 15, 2005 at 11:41 AM  
Blogger wesley said...

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April 15, 2005 at 11:42 AM  
Blogger sanders said...

to your question on margaret stoneciepher she was married to john craig. i have the marriage certificate. my grandmother gave it to me. her name is ollie o. roberts the daughter of thomas roberts and frances weldon.

April 20, 2005 at 12:16 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

Thanks Wesley. I can't tell you how excited I am about your Marriage Certificate. That proves for once and for all that they were married. Of course he could have been married to others, but at least we know he was for sure married to Margaret.

April 20, 2005 at 8:49 PM  
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Blogger JWCII said...

Children of (3) James William "Jim Willie" Craig & Mary Nancy Stuckey:

4 Craig, Winnie b Aug 5 1897 Marsden, Love Co IT
m Copeland, Harris F.

4 Craig, Bessie b Oct 13 1899 IT d Jan 3 1902 Maud IT

4 Craig, Jessie Ann b Oct 25 1901 Maud, Pottawotomie Co IT
m Rose, Austin Leander "Lee" on July 30 1922 in Alex, Grady Co OK

4 Craig, Audry Willie b Aug 24 1904 d Dec 24 1949 Hidalgo TX
m McCamey, James

4 Craig, Ethel Mae b April 27 1907 Marietta, Love Co OK
m Holder, Joe

4 Craig, George Calvin
b Aug 27 1910 Konawa, Seminole Co OK
d April 27 1915 Bentley, Atoka OK

4 Craig, Bonnie Lee b Mar 24 1914 Bennington, Bryan Co OK
m Duffield, Nathan

4 Craig, Gracie Ruth b May 14 1917 Mansville, Marshall OK
m VonAllman, Doug

4 Craig, (BURL not Berl) -Berl - Hoyt b July 30 1920 Chickasha, Grady Co OK
m ?, Dorothy (Dorthy Louise Harvey) - Married in WPB, Florida

3 Chrildren:

5 Nancy Marie Craig
1 Child
5 Richard Harvy Craig (Born October 10 1950 WPB, Florida)
4 Children
5 James W. Craig (Born October 8, 1954 Denver Colorado)
2 Children


Children of (3) Matthew Craig & Thursey Neugin:

4 Craig, Coleman (#14737 on Cherokee Rolls)

September 15, 2009 at 8:42 AM  
Blogger JWCII said...

Wish I could give you more information - I have lots written somewhere - My father told me more than I will ever remember. Good Luck in your research..

September 15, 2009 at 9:03 AM  
Blogger JWCII said...

Generation 5: James W. Craig (Born October 8, 1954 Denver Colorado)
2 Children: (Generation 6) Jesse J. Craig (B. December 1977) & Heather Elaine Craig (June 1979 - June 2015)

June 3, 2015 at 5:27 AM  
Blogger Brittany Weed said...

i am ruthie elloitts great grand daughter... it is said i act and look like her in many ways. please contact me. i have roll numbers and such.

September 18, 2016 at 8:21 PM  

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